Monday, March 9, 2009

Sustainable Sites Credit 4.2

Alternative Transportation
Bicycle Storage & Changing Rooms

1 POINT - Bicycle Racks for 15% or more of residents

We can pick up another point simply by providing covered, secure bicycle storage for 15% or more of the residents.

This is the text from the USGBC:


Reduce pollution and land development impacts from automobile use.


Form commercial or institutional buildings, provide secure bicycle racks and/or storage (within 200 yards of a building entrance) for 5% or more of all building users (measured at peak periods), AND, provide shower and chaning facilities in the building, or within 200 yards of a building entrance, for 0.5% of Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) occupants.


For residential buildings provide covered storage facilities for securing 15% or more of building occupants in lieu of changing/shower facilities.

Too bad there aren't any bikes in the image above taken at the Timberglen LEED certified public library. The library is new... but then again, maybe there are avid bike riders that patronize that library.

It may be easier to think of the quotas like this. For commercial projects you should provide 5 spots on a bike rack for every 100 people. And for shower facilities, you need 1 shower for every 10 of those 5 spots that you provide. For residential projects it's a minimum of 15 bikes spot per 100 residents.

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