Saturday, January 31, 2009

Site Survey

As part of the closing arrangement, the site was surveyed by a civil engineer before the property was purchased. On Saturday Raymond and Mike helped me mark the approximate corners of the parcel and located a mature tree with a 50' crown on our site plan. We are looking for ways to accommodate the tree and avoid removing it.

Here's Raymond and Mike on the site.

Document Research

In order to document previous development on the site for LEED points, Mike and I searched the documents on file in the Building Department. We found permit drawings for the residential building that was on the site before it was demolished in 1989.

Here Mike is next to the microfiche printer. Aaron helped us located the files for the abutting properties. All of the staff were very helpful. All in all it was a very productive day.

Dallas Inspectional Services

Working on this LEED Urban-Infill project in the Fair Park area of Dallas is interesting and challenging. We have a 35,000 SF property that we are developing as a multifamily residential complex that will meet LEED requirements for New Construction.

We are working with the City of Dallas to select alternative materials to asphalt or concrete for paving. It's better if water can percolate into the soil and water table instead of running off the site and into a storm sewer.

On Friday, Mike and I visited the Dallas Inspectional Services. Here he is pointing out the offices we visited.