Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sustainable Sites Prerequisite 1

Construction Activity Pollution Prevention

Building a sustainable building begins with the land selected for the project. As you will see with other LEED categories there are prerequisites that must be met or no LEED certification will be possible.

The Sustainable Sites Prerequiste for LEED New Construction 2.2 is Construction Activity Pollution Prevention. This focuses on preventing preventing topsoil on the construction site from polluting the air or local rivers, streams and watersheds. Fabric fences made of geotech material and seeding the soil are two common strategies for the prevention of dust and sedimentation from topsoil. Topsoil can also be collected and stored for re-use.

Meeting the prerequisite is non-negotiable and no points are awarded.

14 points are available for Sustainable Sites, under LEED NC 2.2.

Each item below, if met, is awarded one point, except the prerequisite.

SS Prereq 1  Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
SS Credit 1 Site Selection
SS Credit 2 Development Density & Community Connectivity
SS Credit 3 Brownfield Redevelopment
SS Credit 4.1 Alternative Transportation, Public Transportation Access
SS Credit 4.2 Alternative Transportation, Bicycle Storage & Changing Rooms
SS Credit 4.3 Alternative Transportation, Low Emitting & Fuel Efficient Vehicles
SS Credit 4.4 Alternative Transportation, Parking Capacity
SS Credit 5.1 Site Development, Protect or Restore Habitat
SS Credit 5.2 Site Development, Maximize Open Space
SS Credit 6.1 Stormwater Design, Quantity Control
SS Credit 6.2 Stormwater Design, Quality Control
SS Credit 7.1 Heat Island Effect, Non-Roof
SS Credit 7.2 Heat Island Effect, Roof
SS Credit 8 Light Pollution

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